TOP 12

Website Design Guidelines

To Improve Search Ranking

What you will learn?

While an attractive, responsive, and content-rich website is important for any business, being SEO-friendly is what will help users find you online.

Here are our top 12 SEO-focused tips to get you high rankings on Google and other search engines.

1. Make your content readable for search engines.

2. Work on improving your website’s load time.

3. Use unique title tags and meta descriptions.

4. Create a good heading structure on every page.

5. Update your pages with fresh content often.

6. Make sure your website URL is search friendly.

7. Block websites you don’t want linking back to yours.

8. Use images to improve you website’s SEO rank.

9. Utilize internal links to make navigation easier.

10. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive.

11. Create a search engine friendly navigation menu.

12. Use the best practices for code and script loading.

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